In the CoTalent project, teachers and students work together in a process of co-creation to develop the CoTalent Wizard, which aims to provide teachers in European higher education with tools to stimulate their talented students. Products are based on research. The CoTalent Wizard consists of:

  1. MeTalent Mirror, an instrument for teachers to self-evaluate their views towards talent development
  2. YouTalent Spotter, an instrument to spot talented students
  3. CoTalent e-library, an integrated e-library consisting of texts, images and minimovies enabling teachers to implement a research-based talent development program

New: The first versions of the MeTalent Mirror and Youtalent Spotter have now been published!

We are very interested in your feedback, which will be taken into account when preparing the final versions. Please get in touch by sending an e-mail to


Project summary (November 2018)

MeTalent Mirror version 1.0 (November 2018) – please provide your feedback at

YouTalent Spotter version 1.0 (December 2018) – please provide your feedback at