Research shows that honors communities vary between educational programs in size, structure, level of activity and interaction

the functions of a learning community can vary among different settings between 1) stimulating learning and developing; 2) improving social contacts and well-being; and 3) place for students to meet professionals and to stimulate the organization of activities (Van Ginkel et al, 2014). However, several key factors of learning communities can be found in literature, for example: frequent contact with formal as well as informal meetings (Van Ginkel, 2012; Sosnical, 2003, Kingma et al in preparation, Kingma et al., 2017 (abstract) ….), learning by doing & co-creation (Stobbe & Hogenstijn, 2017 JEHC), a shared passion for challenge and excellence (Van Ginkel, 2012; McMillan & Chavis, 1986), a feeling of belonging and that members matter to another and to the group

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